Easy, Tasty Protein: Cocoa Berry Sunflower Smoothie

When I sat down to write this brief post, I was thinking about how practical an idea the smoothie is and I suddenly wondered who sunflower seed smoothiefirst developed the idea of the smoothie. I read before that some ancient cultures had their own form of smoothies (blended fruits or their form of yogurt, etc) but the word smoothie doesn’t seem to have originated with those ancient drinks. In my quest for truth and accuracy, I decided to perform some in-depth research to find out just who invented such a common sense way of blending nutritious ingredients into a healthy drink that tastes delicious and travels easily for people who often have to catch their meals on the go. Yes, I actually took the time to Google Wikipedia, the go-to source for information many researchers (and freshmen composition students) turn to in the 21st century, to find the answer to my question! Continue reading


Celebrate (A Gluten-Free) Labor Day In Austin

As the long Labor Day weekend arrives, our thoughts turn to the end of yet another summer, the rhythmic and dependable change of seasons

Guacamole with pumpkin seeds and cojita cheese

Guacamole with pumpkin seeds and cojita cheese at Jack Allen’s Kitchen

marked by such natural signs as the end of peach season, and such human signs as the beginning of a new school year. The end of peach season and the beginning of the new school year each bring with them a certain melancholy, for nothing tastes quite as magically and sweetly as a perfectly ripened peach plucked at the  height of the season, and nothing feels as quite as delicious as summer days void of the burdens that school schedules and responsibilities add to family life. Labor Day, the official end of summer, gives us the opportunity for a last gasp at holiday as another lazy summer slips into the past. Unlike most holidays, Labor Day lacks association with traditional foods, and with temperatures still in the triple digits, a nice way to celebrate Labor Day is to stay out of the kitchen. For gluten-free people spending their holiday in Austin (either as a visitor for the long weekend, or enjoying a “stay-cation”), I recommend two restaurants: Jack Allen’s Kitchen and Milano’s Cafe. Continue reading

God Save Mexican Coke!!!

I’d like to teach the world to sing

In perfect harmony
I’d like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company
That’s the real thing. (Vintage Coca Cola ad sung by the New Seekers)

Things go better with Coca Cola,
Things go better with Coke
Life is fun when you’re refreshed,
And Coke refreshes you the best.
Food goes better with,
Fun goes better with,
You go better with Coke.
The real live one puts extra fun
In you, and everything you do. (Vintage Coca Cola ad sung by Roy Orbison)

In years past, the beverage Coca-Cola enjoyed a positive reputation, not only as a drink that bonds people socially,

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