Miscellany: Coffee Flour and Gluten-Free Pastry Demo

Guess what? That fruit that’s usually discarded when coffee beans are harvested is now


credit: coffee flour.com

available as a gluten-free flour! Dan Belliveau, one the Director of Technical Services at Starbucks, came up with the idea to salvage the wasted fruit his company calls coffee flour (it doesn’t really taste like coffee, though). It’s full of potassium, iron, protein, and fiber, so it’s a healthy addition to gluten-free baked goods. In addition to providing a unique, new healthy ingredient for people interested in healthy diets, harvesting the fruit will provide jobs and new sources of income for people in some of the most poverty-stricken places in the world. The flour is not available in brick and mortar stores, though, so I just ordered some from Nuts.com. It’s also available from Marx’s Pantry for the same price per pound, but Marx’s pantry charges $12 shipping (vs $5.99 for shipping from Nuts.com). I’m not here to sell anything to anyone; I’m just super excited about the find and want to share the info! 

smoked peach pieIn other news, I’m giving another demonstration at the San Antonio NW Military location of Natural Grocer on August 18th, at 11:30. I will be demonstrating how to make gluten-free pastry. Last month’s demonstration, gluten-free sourdough and slow-fermented breads, was so much fun! The people who attended the class were lively, involved, and awesome! I hope my readers in the San Antonio area can come on by! Austin-area Natural Grocers don’t have kitchens; therefore I’m unable to give demonstrations at those stores, but even though I’m doing cooking demos in Natural Grocers, I am still offering gluten-free cooking classes in Austin, in my own gluten-free kitchen. The demos and classes are my favorite activities. What can be more fun that meeting new people and talking about food?






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