Impulse Purchase: Apple Flour

apple flour 2

Image from the Anti-Grain website

Every few months, I commit a couple of hours to researching where I might find current best prices for the gluten-free ingredients I regularly use in my kitchen and my business. During today’s research session, I came across a product that I have never seen: apple flour. It contains only dried, ground apples and apple peel. It contains no preservatives, nor any other processed ingredients. Intrigued by the thought of adding powdered apple to baked goods, I ordered an 8 oz bag from Amazon. The flour is a little pricey, but then those of us who cook and bake gluten-free are used to paying quite a bit for the ingredients we use.

One reason I’m interested in this particular flour is that apple peels contain pectin, and I think perhaps the addition of apple flour to other gluten-free flours will act as a binder in cookies, muffins, cakes, and breads. Also, apples are neutral in flavor enough that, added in small amounts to other flours, this flour may bind without adding an overtly apple flavor. I will write a full report on this apple flour after I try it in a couple of different recipes.

apple flour

Image from the Anti-Grain website


2 thoughts on “Impulse Purchase: Apple Flour

    • Paige, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this apple flour. I’ve used it in pumpkin muffins, spice cake, and grain-free muffins with quinoa and buckwheat flours. I just haven’t had time to blog these recipes! I use it sparingly, partly because it’s a little expensive, and partly because the first time I used it, I used quite a bit and the muffins I made were a little too moist. They took forever to finish baking. I don’t use gums in my baking, so the apple flour is a good replacement. The natural pectin seems to take the place of gums very well.

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