Red Wine Caramel Sauce: Naturally Gluten-Free

Image by Kate Donahue:

Image by Kate Donahue:

May is Celiac Awareness Month. Making people aware of Celiac disease is important. Often when things are busy and eating out would be more convenient than eating in, we choose to eat in; on days when I’ve not had a second to sit, the task of eating safely at a restaurant seems overwhelming. I still get answers from restaurant employees, when I ask questions about gluten in the establishment’s dishes, that indicate a continuing wide-spread ignorance concerning what gluten is, and which foods contain it. Two such instances remain fresh in my mind. While perusing a menu posted on the patio of an Italian restaurant, Phillip asked the hostess standing at her post if the restaurant offers any dishes without gluten. She answered “Not many,” and then recommended the French bread appetizer as being very delicious, and probably free of gluten. Another time I called ahead to a restaurant to find out if the place offered gluten-free pizza crusts. The young man who answered the phone told me that he was not sure whether the pizza crusts were gluten-free or not; they are all made with wheat flour, though, he explained.

Since May is a month devoted to raising awareness of the needs of people who have Celiac, it’s also a month that helps us discuss which foods have gluten, and which do not. Some foods are naturally free of gluten. As time goes by, I find myself eating more of the naturally gluten-free foods than foods modified to be gluten-free. Naturally gluten-free foods include vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, and all that healthy stuff. But God be praised that some probably not-so-healthy foods and beverages are also naturally gluten-free! I was pondering this very fact this morning while I checked my Facebook timeline and found the latest post from Honest Cooking: a recipe for the ultimate dessert sauce – and it’s NATURALLY GLUTEN-FREE!!! It looks and sounds SO decadent and yummy! I have determined that sometime, somehow, I’ll be making this sauce in the next week or so and I’ll post the way I use it as soon as I decide on what to use it!!!


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