Tres Latin Foods Gluten-Free Pupusas: Delicious For Snacks or Meals

Every week, I receive dozens (yes, dozens!) of emails from marketers offering me free samples of this, that, or the tresother food or drink so that I will review their products on my blog. I ignore most – actually about 99.9% – of these promotional opportunities. The most prominent reason for my refusal to respond to the marketing emails is that I am not interested in the products being offered. Some of the products have nothing to do with following a gluten-free diet, and many of the gluten-free products I’m offered for review sound unappetizing. A couple of months ago, however, I received an email offering me free gluten-free pupusas in exchange for a review of the product on my blog. I actually answered this email, and agreed to accept the offer: two coupons, each for a box of free pupusas. One reason I accepted this particular offer is that the company, Tres Latin Foods, is a small, family-owned business. As an individual finally reaching the launch date of my own small business (early March! Whoo-hoo!), I am interested in helping out other small business owners when I can. The other reason I accepted this offer is that when I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease, Walmart actually carried a brand of gluten-free pupusas. I don’t remember the name of the brand. As I adjusted to life without gluten, the gluten-free pupusas I bought at Walmart were a mainstay in my diet. Within a couple of years of my diagnosis, though, the pupusas disappeared from the Walmart frozen section. By that time, I had adjusted to eating, cooking, and baking gluten-free so I managed to live without them.

When I received the email from Tres, I was interested in trying pupusas again. I used my coupon, at Whole Foods, for the green chili and cheese flavor: other flavors offered by Tres include spinach and cheese, black bean and sweet corn, and pinto bean and cheese. The pupusas are vegetarian, gluten-free, and made with non-GMO corn.  I’ve seen these pupusas in all the Whole Foods in ATX and SATX, so they are widely available in S Texas. The Tres website has a list of grocery stores, in addition to Whole Foods, in the USA that carry its product.

Each package contains four 2.5 oz pupusas. Within the box, the pupusas are wrapped in pairs, in cellophane packaging. The pupusas are more snack size than meal size, but since to eat a naked pupusa would be a culinary (as well as foodie) travesty, the little stuffed tortillas (as referred to on the packaging) make a satisfying meal when accompanied by additional ingredients. Pupusas are easy to prepare.

tres 1

They require just a little thawing in the microwave before being crisped in a frying pan, at which point they puff up nicely. They make an easily and quickly prepared meal.

tres 3I tried them first on a day when I was eating lightly for various reasons, so I merely topped them with guacamole. The pupusas have a nice crisp exterior and a tender interior. The corn flour exterior and the cheesy interior are perfectly balanced. One does not overwhelm the other.

tres 4

The second time I prepared the pupusas, I topped them with scrambled eggs, shredded Boars Head chipotle gouda cheese, and some Trader Joe’s hatch pepper salsa. This breakfast was mighty delicious, and definitely filling. I couldn’t even eat lunch this day!

tres 5I honestly don’t remember the price of Tres pupusas at Whole Foods. I don’t remember the price being high; otherwise that fact would stick in my mind (penny-pincher that I am).  I heartily recommend Tres Latin Foods pupusas as a nice addition to one’s repertoire of safe, flavorful,  quickly prepared gluten-free foods.


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