When Life Gets Busy : Cheat With These Gluten-Free Products

If we’re to be honest, and one always usually wants to be honest, home-cook meals and dishes are far more satisfying in flavor and quality than yogurt blueberry 2processed or mass-produced foods. At times, however, life gets so busy that one has little choice but to save time by purchasing ready-made foods. Thankfully, we in the United States are blessed with a variety of good quality ready-made foods that, although they might not measure up to home-cooked standards, are fairly tasty and healthy. I’m taking advantage of our fortunate selection of convenience foods while work on my ATX Ultra Eats website content and training for the Cloudsplitter 50k take up the majority of my time (I am endorsing these products of my own volition – I am not receiving any compensation from any of the companies whose products I mention in this blog post). Cloudsplitter is in just under three weeks away now, and my running mileage is currently at about 60 miles a week. I’m not under any illusion that my high mileage and hill work will help me finish that 50k in an impressive time, but the arduous training does help with the illusion that I’ll actually feel strong when I do finish! To keep up with my training, regardless of how well it will help me survive complete Cloudsplitter, I do have to take in some quality calories. Ironically, working on my muffin mix business is partly what has kept me from finding time to bake the muffins I usually keep in ready stock in the freezer for my quick pre-run breakfast.My fallback breakfast is yogurt mixed with dried blueberries and shaved chocolate.

I’m certainly not suffering much from eating store-bought items for breakfast!I have discovered Dreaming Cow yogurt! It’s made from grass-fed cows and it’s whole fat! Yummy! I haven’t found it in Austin, but in San Antonio I buy it at the HEB on Bandera @ 1604. When I can’t find Dreaming Cow, I either buy Brown Cow whole fat yogurt or Greek God’s whole fat Greek yogurt. I always buy my dried blueberries from Costco; they excellently priced and good quality. The chocolate, Great Bean Raw Chocolate, I use is amazing: pure and healthy. I buy it at Tiny Taiga in Austin, but it’s available online. I simply spoon my yogurt into a bowl, add 1/2 cup dried blueberries, and shave a goodly amount (to use a vintage cookbook term) of chocolate over the top of the yogurt / blueberries. This simple, delicious breakfast provides the energy and nutrients necessary for a day of hard work outs, which I definitely need as I add a second run and even a strength-training session with my Tommy, my personal trainer, to my daily schedule.

yogurt and blueberries

For a quick lunch, I turn to Trader Joe’s for help (don’t you just love Trader Joe’s?). Trader Joe’s markets frozen gluten-free black bean taquitos, and they taste delicious.

bean taquitos

Just about a minute in the microwave and they’re ready to go. I add cheese, naturally, because I add cheese to EVERYTHING just about.I usually have a hunk of Boar’s Head Bold Chipotle Gouda, among other varieties of cheese, in the drawer in our refrigerator, so I’ll shred some of that zesty cheese over the top of the taquitos and add a couple spoonfuls of West Texas Pepper Traders Bread and Butter Jalapeno Relish (which I find it in various, but not all, HEBs in Austin and San Antonio), and a dollop of sour cream to add depth of flavor and a few more calories to this deliciously easy – and healthy (full of good fats and protein!) – lunch!

bean taquitos 2

As easy and delectable these purchased foods are, I miss being in the kitchen. I’ve promised myself that I will take time to work on my grain-free, gluten-free yeast bread this afternoon. Yeast bread with a satisfying texture and pleasing flavor makes every day a better day♥


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