Is the Hatch Chile From Hatch, Or A Hatch?

This past couple of weeks, every time I listen to the radio I hear the HEB commercial advertising its Hatch chile fest just about every five minutes. Admittedly, the commercial does tempt me to seek out all things hatch chile-flavored. Until today, however, I thought the Hatch chile was a variety of chile. A post over on South Austin Foodie’s blog, however, has set me straight. I found the post enlightening, so I thought I’d share it with others.

Hatch Chiles roasting over a fire

Image from

I trust South Austin Foodie’s credibility as an authority on the topic of Hatch chiles, for as Foodie states in this post:

” . . . . my [Foodie’s] grandparents were farmers in Las Cruces, and one of the things they raised were green chiles. Furthermore, my great-uncle, was a researcher at the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Known as “Mr. Chile,” he developed several varieties of green chiles, including Big Jim.”

Well, no matter the reason the chile bears the name Hatch, we know for sure they are gluten-free, and they taste delicious no matter how they are prepared!




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