Marvelous, Wonderful Lavender / Coffee Rubbed Cheese

Oh, yes I did. I really did. I just paid $33.93 (including shipping and handling) for a pound of cheese. Not just any cheese, however; Barely Buzzed lavender / image_41_buzzed-1lbcoffee rubbed cheddar from Beehive Cheese Company.I really want to be properly penitent for being so indulgent, and for paying so much for a pound of cheese (especially doing so during Lent), but I confess that instead of regret, I feel just super excited receiving my cheese and experiencing the first luxurious bite. Living life without gluten is difficult at times, but it’s made bearable in that many acceptable substitutes for gluten-containing grains exist. Since my diagnosis for Celiac, in fact, I’ve often been grateful that if I am destined to have a forced dietary restriction, that restriction involves gluten and not dairy. Nothing, but nothing, can substitute for cheese. My diet is more than 50% cheese (as it was before my Celiac diagnosis). Wheat I can live without: cheese, not so much! I’ve not tasted this cheese before, but after reading the description on the company’s website (and having read some comments on the cheese in other places) I am absolutely positive that it tastes marvelously, wonderfully delicious. I will be sure to share my thoughts on the cheese after I immerse myself in it’s promising flavor.


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