Gluten-Free At SXSW 2014

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Austin is a city filled with restaurants sensitive toward their customers’ individual dietary needs and choices. For this reason, people who have Celiac or are gluten-intolerant will find many places to safely eat a meal while they enjoy SXSW activities. Austin Eater recently published a fairly comprehensive list of gluten-free / gluten-free friendly Austin eateries:

Many other gluten-free friendly restaurants are in Austin but are not on the list. One such restaurant is Wholly Cow Burgers. Wholly Cow serves delicious burgers on Udis gluten-free hamburger buns. The possibilities for creating a satisfying burger are practically endless, with a variety of cheeses and toppings from which to choose. Topping offerings include candied jalapenos – I mean, what gets better than a burger topped with candied jalapenos? Don’t forget to order fries, though! Wholly Cow fries (both potato and sweet potato varieties) are fried in a dedicated fryer!!!

Gluten-Free Burger From Wholly Cow

Gluten-Free Burger From Wholly Cow

Two Tex-Mex restaurants (actually, Curra’s is a blend of interior Mexico and Tex-Mex) at which Celiacs / gluten-intolerant people can safely eat are Habanero Mexican Cafe and Curra’s Grill.

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Habanero Grill doesn’t have a gluten-free list or menu. The restaurant is family owned and run, and the wait staff know the ingredients of the menu items. The corn tortillas contain no flour (which isn’t always the case with Mexican restaurants), and many of the grill items are safe for people who do not tolerate gluten.The people who work at Habanero are consistently friendly and helpful, which makes eating there a pleasant experience.

Curra’s Grill hasn’t a gluten-free menu, but the restaurant does cater to the

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gluten-free crowd. The corn tortillas have flour in them, so people who cannot have gluten must stick to menu items from the grill. The menu has a large number and variety of items, however, so even if one has to fore-go enchiladas, she won’t be disappointed in the offerings still available. The food is consistently delicious, and don’t DARE eat there without ordering a large size guacamole! It is simply wonderful! Ask your waitress or waiter which dishes are safe to eat. They usually know, and if they do not, they always check with the kitchen.Last week when I ate at Curra’s, the waiter told me that although the house-made corn tortillas have wheat flour in them, the restaurant offers some commercially made gluten-free corn tortillas to accompany dishes, upon request. I eat there often and never had this choice before, so I think perhaps this option is new.

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image from Austin video city guide

Stubb’s Bar-B-Q restaurant also has gluten-free options (even its bottled barbecue sauces are certified gluten-free). The one time I’ve eaten there, I found the number of gluten-free menu items to be satisfyingly large. The food was delicious and I walked away feeling quite full. I really do not know why we don’t eat there more often!

Fortunately, the people who attend SXSW do so in a city that offers as much thrill for foodies as it does for music lovers, and foodies who must eat gluten-free will find plenty of offerings to delight their foodie taste buds while also satisfying their gluten-free needs.


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