For Austin City Limits: Eat A Gluten-Free Chili Burger at Hut’s Hamburgers and Be Joyful!


As ACL weekend approaches, the restaurant reviews on my blog are getting major hits. I’m guessing that many Celiac / gluten-  Hut's Burgersintolerant people who plan to be in Austin that weekend are already scoping out the gluten-free offerings. In the interest of possibly helping those people, I am posting this brief review of Hut’s Hamburgers on 6th St. I really wanted to add some gluten-free recipes to my blog before I added more restaurant reviews. I have my recipe for my three-layer gluten-free vanilla bean cake with cocoa-almond butter cream frosting nearly ready to post.

Vanilla Bean Cake 2


I’ve also nearly perfected my gluten-free hard apple cider cheesecake recipe.

Hard Apple Cider Cheesecake 1

But time these days flies by and with so little time to spend at the computer, I’ll just post what I hope will be a helpful review to the lovely gluten-free people who will be guests in Austin ACL weekend.

Eat at Hut’s Hamburgers.

Hut's Burgers 2

Seriously. Phillip and I ate there recently, and although I admit to having gluten-envy over his chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and breaded, fried okra, I really rejoiced in the burger I was able to eat at Hut’s. The burger had chili on it! Do you hear? CHILI! Gluten-free chili! Made in-house, so the waiter knew the ingredients and reassured me that it’s gluten-free! Finding gluten-free chili is so difficult! Even finding canned gluten-free chili for a quick chili dog is nearly impossible. Ok, (sadly, but as usual) you’ll have to skip the fries if you are sensitive to cross-contamination (no dedicated fryer) but the people at Hut’s are very helpful in making sure Celiacs and the gluten-intolerant can safely eat in their establishment. I ordered the Tuby’s Tickler burger, which comes with a load of chili, a mound of cheddar cheese, and a pile of jalapeno peppers.

Hut's Burgers 7

All this scrumptiousness served on a soft, tasty gluten-free bun – for a reasonable price!

Hut's Burgers 4


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