Gluten-Free Goat in Austin?


Goat Ham at Olivia's in Austin (picture from

Goat Ham at Olivia’s in Austin (picture from

A post on the Austin blog at lists five Austin restaurants that feature goat meat dishes on their menus. A quick glance at the descriptions of the featured dishes shows that the goat appetizer at Olivia’s is likely gluten-free. It sounds delicious and definitely worth a try.

As an aside, on Olivia’s menu appears the names of the local farmers and ranchers it supports: “thunderheart bison, boggy creek farm, springdale farm, richardson farms, pure luck, jon dromgoole, johnson’s backyard garden, broken arrow ranch, willie nelson, loncito ranch, eagle mountain farmhouse cheese, lonestar meats, bob mcrory, mikuni, countryside farm, engel farms, natural gardener, water oak farm, slow food, neon jungle, houston dairy maids, pola artisan, windy hill farm, texas olive ranch, farmhouse delivery, chef bullington’s garden, fontana coffee roasters, tecolote farm, milagro farm, zhi tea.”

Definitely a place worth checking out (for a special occasion or a date night meal, anyway!).


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